Halifax Ultimate Bans All Women From Leagues

November 11, 2012

HALIFAX -- In a surprising about-face, Halifax Ultimate has banned all women from its leagues effective immediately. This shocking announcement came just weeks after league officials were suddenly able to fill female quotas in winter league after stumbling upon some previously unknown binders full of women.

But one HU insider reveals that something like this has been in the works for some time. "Trying to support two different genders in this sport has just been too much of a hassle over the years," said the source close to the HU board, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"The original plan was just to phase women out gradually. First change the gender ratio from 4:3 to 4:2, then 5:1, then 6:1, and then 7:0 and finally they're gone. But recently women have been showing too much interest in playing ultimate -- they had two separate groups make a proposal for some available gym time this winter -- and the board just snapped. They said, 'Let's just get rid of them entirely now, like ripping off a band-aid.'"

An HU employee reported that revising and reprinting the captains' manual each time the gender ratio changed would have been prohibitively expensive, so eliminating women in one fell swoop is also a cost-saving measure.

Not all members of HU are in favour of banning women from the leagues. Stephen Creaser, a handler in the Wednesday/Thursday league for Cyril and the Sneers, said, "I enjoyed playing with women. Our team even made our jerseys pink just to please them."

"Although admittedly, I have no qualms going out there wearing wild raspberry myself," he added.

There are also rumblings of a boycott being planned to protest against the ban. "I am totally willing to boycott all indoor draft leagues and spring leagues in order to show my support for this cause," said Will Dumaresq, a well-known advocate for ultimate, women's ultimate, and the existence of women in general.

The first HU league games to be played without women will be Monday, November 12.